Baby Godzilla

Alice likes to knock down block towers, just like Godzilla

Dorothy and Alice

I had access to some nice lenses this weekend due to a Nerdist shoot at Outside Lands, so I snapped a few hundred pics of the girls. Here are a few:

ABC 5D Mark 3

Dot helps me prepare some camera equipment for a concert shoot by singing the ABC’s

Dorothy is a Train Engineer

My nephew requested I make a Geotrax video for him, Dorothy co-starred as Train Engineer/Stunt Coordinator #2

The Alice Roll!

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for new Alice photos and videos, so here’s the first! Click on the image to watch Alice roll! Many more to come, I have about 6 months of backlog video for both kids I need to go through. Amazing how the time flies these days…

Dot’s First Rollercoaster

Terror turned to pure glee in seconds…

Alice has a special message…

Dot goes to the gym

Dot is fearless

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